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Who is Edmond? He’s my child. He’s your child. He’s every kid that’s offered weed for the first time when he least expects it.

The Fondation Jean Lapointe method to prevent the risks associated with cannabis use

From the first day of high school to graduation, the Fondation Jean Lapointe is there for every kid across the province of Québec.

Their goal? Equip teens by using interactive activities concerning cannabis use and other drugs.

Help parents continue the prevention conversation at home.

Send me the kit to accompany my child.

*According to the Québec Survey of Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling among High School Students, 2013

Our results speak for themselves!

The Fondation Jean Lapointe works with a scientifically proven prevention method and strategy that take into account the best practices. Their workshops include:

  • Sharing current knowledge on drugs
  • Role play sessions and scenarios on peer influence (friends or others)
  • Reflections on the parent-teen relationship
  • Debates about young people's beliefs concerning various drugs including cannabis
  • Strategies to deal with risky situations

Our workshops are conducted by specially trained prevention facilitators to address our children’s concerns and to align the messages they receive.

Prevention works!

The Québec government recognizes the know-how and results obtained by the Fondation Jean Lapointe. Every donation you make today will be doubled!

Each Contribution Leads to a Real-World Action.


Will prevent two grade 7 teenagers from addictions.


Gives us the means to continue our prevention mission towards grade 8 and 9 students.


Helps train grade 10 and 11 student as peer helper/trainers in order for them to help young people in difficulty in there school.

* The Québec government has awarded $1.5M to the Fondation Jean Lapointe in support of actions related to preventing the use of psychoactive substances among the youth population. As part of this funding, the foundation has committed to tack on an amount equal to that provided by the government, bringing the total investment to $3M. These financial resources will be devoted to this project over the next 3 years.

Send me the kit to accompany my child.

50% of teens consider their parents to be a credible source of information about drug and drug use. This shows the importance of the messages and the values you communicate on a continuous basis.

Where to start? What to do? Sign up here to receive the Fondation Jean Lapointe Prevention Kit created for parents.

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